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Another Ficlet Post!

Title: One Last Night
Author: Sarah
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This never happened, isn't happening and probably won't ever happen though I want it to. So just leave me on the Island of Denial.
Comments: Yes please! Would love some!
Notes: It was supposed to be a fluff piece, but it turned sorta angsty. But still, it’s my first ever angst, please be gentle!

He walks out of the shower room, a small smile on his face, waiting, anticipating. Maybe it’s the fact that Viggo actually remembers their anniversary and the fact that he’s going to be back, with him, to spend it together. Orlando pulls the towel tighter around his waist, peeking out of the toilet door to see if Viggo's there yet. The room is empty.

Orlando sighs softly and glances at the suddenly too big mattress unfolded in front of him, a small frown gracing his features. Viggo should have been back by now and Orlando is already feeling the vaguely familiar disappointment pooling in his stomach. He should have expected it really, he tells himself. Viggo's not exactly the most sensitive guy in the world. All the same, he can’t help feeling more than a little frustrated. With one last look at the clock, Orlando pulls on a pair of sweatpants and one of Viggo's old, baggy t-shirts before climbing into the bed somewhat disheartened. Again.

And as the clock strikes two, Orlando tosses and turns, missing the warmth that is Viggo. Knowing that somewhere, in the busy city of New York, it some old, musty pub, Viggo's probably making empty promises to someone else.

And he wonders why he pretends that he doesn’t.


**~Originally a Clay/Ryan.~**
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